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Key resources

Letter to the Prime Minister Global Network for Syria (July 2018)

Paper of Concern Global Network for Syria (July 2018)


Letter to the BBC’s Today Programme members of UK Parliament (9 August 2019)

Letter to the Telegraph [£] supporters of GNS (14 May 2019)

Joint statement Church leaders in Syria (14 April 2018)

Letter to the Times [£] former British Ambassadors to Syria (21 December 2016)

Joint statement Church leaders in Syria (23 August 2016)

Reports And Updates

Update Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria (21 August 2019)

Update Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria (4 June 2019)

Update Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria (1 April 2019)

Update Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria (24 January 2019)

Independent Visit Report Baroness Cox and Revd David Thomas (April 2018)

Legal Opinion of Prof Dapo Akande Legality of UK Air Strikes on the Assad Govt in Syria (16 April 2018)

House of Lords Select Committee on International Relations The Middle East: Time for New Realism (2 May 2017)

Blogs and articles

Lobe Log Eighteen years after 9/11, has Al-Qaeda won the War On Terrorism? (10 September 2019)

Daily Telegraph Ceasefire in Syria at risk of collapse after US airstrike (1 September 2019)

RT UK calls for ‘stronger protections for Christians’ while continuing to support terrorism (15 August 2019)

Oped News Opposition or terrorists? Who are Syria and Russia bombing in Idlib? (14 August 2019)

Zero Hedge blog Channel 4's ‘Inside Idlib’: the last gasp of a dying Fake News campaign (15 July 2019)

Lobe Long Is the Global Coalition the new Baghdad Pact? (13 June 2019)

Syrian Law Journal Taking the lead on Syria: One-on-one with Baroness Cox (11 June 2019)

The Independent Robert Fisk: The evidence we were never meant to see about the Douma ‘gas’ attack (23 May 2019)

The Hill Trump, ignore war hawks and end US role in Syria (23 May 2019)

Mail Online Strange News from the OPCW in the Hague (16 May 2019)

Washington Institute No More Turkish Veto on Idlib Offensive? (14 May 2019)

Sputnik Ex-UK envoy to Syria: Trump’s Golan Heights remark only served to draw support for Syrian sovereignty, says Peter Ford (22 March 2019)

Boston Globe Trump is strangling Venezuela with sanctions — and it’s not working (20 March 2019)

IRIN Millions of Syrians haven’t had enough fuel to cook their food and heat their homes this winter (5 March 2019)

Aid to the Church in Need House repair plan offers fresh hopes to Christians (20 February 2019)

BBC News The Syrians returning home after years of fleeing war (19 February 2019)

Common Dreams US: House Dems demand 'diplomatic, political and humanitarian strategy' (25 January 2019)

War on the Rock Kissinger’s prophecy fulfilled in Syria (23 January 2019) Marie Colvin, Homs, and Media Falsehoods About Syria (23 January 2019)

The Hill We need diplomacy not sanctions for peace in Syria (22 January 2019)

Daily Express Christian persecution: UK accept just 21 Christians from Syria since 2017 (20 January 2019)

The Arab Weekly The disaster of US democratic imperialism (20 January 2019)

The Independent Former Ambassadors: Theresa May’s policy on Syria is “prolonging suffering” (19 July 2018)

The House Magazine Lord Green: On Syria, mere vituperation is not a strategy (19 Aril 2018)

The Guardian Labour releases advice casting doubt on legitimacy of Syria strikes (16 April 2018)

Politics First Magazine Baroness Cox: Let the people of Syria decide their own future (February 2018)

Aid to the Church in Need When the sky turned black with bombs (21 February 2018)

Politics Home Baroness Cox: UK foreign policy has deepened crisis in Syria (8 January 2018)

The Guardian British policy has made situation in Syria worse, says former ambassador (23 December 2016)

The Times [£] Melanie Phillips: Liberals are unmoved by slaughter of Christians (19 December 2016)

The Lancet Syria: End sanctions and find a political solution to peace (27 May 2015)

UK Parliament

EuroCSE Panel Discussion Speech by Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford (13 March 2019)

House of Lords Oral Question on Syria (5 December 2018)

House of Lords Oral Question on Syria (15 May 2018)

House of Lords Debate on Syria (29 March 2018)

House of Lords Private Notice Question (22 February 2018)

House of Lords Oral Question on Syria (20 December 2017)

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