Global Network for Syria

Copy of Global Network for Syria

The Syrian crisis is among the worst

humanitarian disasters of our time

The Global Network for Syria (GNS) is an independent group supported by academics, campaigners and parliamentarians from all parties.

While there are no easy solutions to the ongoing crisis, GNS believes that western intervention has prolonged the suffering of civilians. The Syrian people must be free to determine their own future, without foreign interference. 

We urge the US, UK and French governments to:

  • Work for diplomatic solutions; 

  • Support solutions that allow the Syrian people alone to be arbiters of their future; 

  • Lift sanctions; 

  • Join international efforts at rebuilding Syria.


Supporters include:

Former british ambassadors to syira 

Peter Ford (Ambassador 2003-06)

Lord Green of Deddington (Ambassador 1991-94)

Lord Wright of Richmond (Ambassador 1979-81)

Members of the UK House of Lords 

Baroness Cox (Independent)

Lord Cormack (Conservative)

Lord Gordon of Strathblane (Labour)

Lord Hylton (Independent)

Lord Naseby (Conservative)

Earl of Oxford and Asquith (Liberal Democrat)

Lord Stoddart of Swindon (Independent Labour)

academics and clerics

Dr Tim Anderson (University of Sydney)

Lord Carey of Clifton (former Archbishop of Canterbury)

Dr Michael Langrish (former Bishop of Exeter)

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali (former Bishop of Rochester)

Revd Dr Andrew Ashdown (UK)

Dr Audrey Wells (Honorary Research Associate, Royal Holloway Col­lege, University of London)


Photo © Mstyslav Chernov